Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Live-Streaming Funeral Services

We are a Bronx, New York funeral home serving families with relatives and friends worldwide. Due to travel and social distancing restrictions mandated by state and federal guidelines, grieving families are unable to gather at funeral services to properly mourn the loss of loved ones. In support of our families’ needs for closure, we want to live-stream the services through our YouTube Channel. Our cell phones will serve as excellent devices while we await the delivery of special cameras which are on back-order.

You can play a role in fighting COVID-19’s assault on families by going to our website following the link that says “live streaming” and clicking subscribe. As soon as we attain the 1,000 subscribers YouTube requires, we can live-stream with our portable devices. It costs you nothing. There are no hidden charges. There are no obligations. Yet it will help those unable to attend view and be a part of this most sacred observance.