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Obituary for Winsome Rose Robinson

Winsome Rose Mullings- Robinson, RN

Winsome Rose Mullings-Robinson was born in Warsop, Trelawny, Jamaica.

Prior to graduating from the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) School of Nursing in 1964 as a Registered Nurse, and Registered Midwife in 1965, she was a teacher in the Primary School system in both Manchester and Trelawny.

She migrated to the US in 1968, with the intention of remaining for 3 years to attend St Francis College. That three years turned into a forty-year career in nursing at St Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, NY. Winsome Rose, despite her demanding job as a senior nurse in the Medical Surgical unit, became an expert mentor for novice nurses. She was a highly sought out colleague who formed lasting relationships through her mentoring.

Not with standing her demanding job as nurse, Winsome Rose found time to give back to her community. She served on the Bishop’s Committee of St Martha’s Episcopal Church in the Bronx. She was an active member of the Caribbean American Nurses’ Association (CANA) Bronx-Westchester chapter, where her penchant for fundraising was legendary. She was an integral member of the Baychester Quality of Life Association and Seton Falls Park Coalition where she was instrumental in projects to restore and preserve the neighborhood parks. Those parks are now used to accommodate community basketball and tennis tournaments and used by area schools to facilitate science lessons.

Even though Winsome Rose made her home in the US, she never forgot her family and community in Jamaica. She maintained her membership in St. Silas Anglican Church and continually raised funds for her church at home. She remained a lifelong sponsor of the Chudleigh Basic school in Manchester, Jamaica. Through her efforts the school was the recipient of yearly gifts of educational supplies including computers, video recorders, television sets, and financial support for a feeding program. Her annual sponsored Christmas party was the highlight of the year for the students. Her generosity was also extended to support children in Tanzania.
Winsome Rose made a positive impact in her family, on her job, on her community and in her church. She loved people and put a priority on the needs of children. She was a mother to many and nurtured special relationships with her siblings and their children. She particularly delighted in her nieces and nephews. She loved her friends and her family and celebrated their achievements.

Winsome Rose was married to Raymond Robinson for forty-four years. He predeceased her in 2007. Surely, he is awaiting his love on the other side.
Winsome Rose will always be remembered because her life will always be celebrated by her family.

May she ascend to her rest in peace. Always loved.